Inktober is Winding Down

Inktober has been fun! All my tangled art this month has been done with Tiles from Hahnemühle in addition to Zensations Technical Pens from Zebra Pen. What that boils down to is this. All the tiles are 3.5″ square. I added some color to each in September so I would be ready. Each day I refer to the tangle list we are using in Tangle All Around and pull out my technical pens. Some days the ideas just come. Some days they don’t and I sit and stare at the desktop. Or out the window and wonder where all that snow came from. It is October, people, why is there snow outside already???

Anyway, this particular tile was colored with Distress Oxide ink pads from Ranger. The first layer  – candied apple – was done in a watercolor manner. Basically that means I rubbed color onto my non-porous craft mat, spritzed it with water, then placed the tile face down and picked up those blotches of candied apple. Once that was dry, I scrubbed the twisted citron ink pad across the tile and added some contrast. The tangle for the 20th was verdigogh and I added some gnarly at the ends. This was a fun tile and I love how it turned out!

This is probably my favorite tile from the entire month! Days 21 and 22 are both on here because I was falling behind. Again Distress Oxide ink pads gave the color – specifically ripe persimmon and mustard seed. What a great mix! The tangles are jemz and jeewel. Autocorrect does not like either of those names! Sigh. I really, really like the way these two patterns play together! Like I said – favorite! (This and emoballs from day 14! I can have two favorites, right?)

I have no idea what happened to day 23. Hahahaha! I guess stay tuned for that one. And moving on . . .

. . . here is day 24! I got a new set of Distress Oxide colors in that week so I just kept using them. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Hahahaha! The colors here  are crushed olive and picked raspberry. Again I just scrubbed the colors onto the tile. The tangle for the day was the one in the center section – called target. I added fiore at the top and bottom to finish it off. Fiore is such a fun pattern!

To the last two tiles, I added shading using graphite and a tortillon. Easy to do and it works great with these ink pads. Now to get going on the rest of the month of Inktober. Yes, it is the 28th. Yes, my last tile was on the 24th. Actually I have one started for the 25th, just need to shade it. I have been busy running giveaways on Facebook at Tangle All Around. Making Inktober fun for the members courtesy of Zebra Pen and Hahnemühle. I used their product in every tile this month. Want to check out some cool Inktober art? Come on over to Tangle All Around and I’ll open the door for you!

Hahnemühle Tiles can be purchased here.

Zensations Techical Pens can be purchased here

Ranger Distress Oxide Ink Pads can be purchased here

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