Inktober Days 14 – 19 #hahnemühle #zebrapen

Hahnemühle and Zebra Pen are still the way to go for Inktober!

I have been out of commission for awhile now, trying to figure out my blog issues and computer issues and book issues, but all is looking up now.

A huge thank you goes out to Mark at for helping me move the old blog away from blogger and over to WordPress. (Is that two words? So much to learn!) And another huge, huge shoutout to Christine Reyes, my friend, art buddy and book technical super ninja lady who helps me make the books happen – she knows WordPress inside and out and has already answered a boatload of questions. With many more to come. I am sure!

Above you see my day 14 for Inktober, a whole bunch of cute little emoballs. This is one of the coolest tangle patterns I’ve come across lately. So much fun! I build them around a wall of blox – a tangle pattern of my own. Such personality those little guys have! And they are so addicting! For Inktober I am going strictly with the Tiles from Hahnemühle and the Zensations Technical Pens from Zebra Pen. If I can figure out how – I will link to where you can buy those at the bottom of this first-going-out-of-my-comfort-zone post. Color on this tile came from scrubbing a couple StazOn ink pads over the surface. 

Here we have days 15 and 16. The tangles for those two days were yaya and navaho. Yaya should have been across that center band, but I totally messed it up so I just kept going and possibly came up with something new. But I am just calling it a messed up yaya! Hahahaha! I do love the shading for this piece. The colors? Those would totally be Zebra Pen’s new line of Mildliners. 

My days started running together as I got more and more frustrated, so what you have above is the tile for days 17 and 18. I had been saving this tile for a special day. I really love how the color came out on this one! I used Zebra’s Eco Zebrite Highlighters to make the color – using a watercolor effect. It was super fun! And soooo pretty! The tangles for those days are keystone and VLine. And I threw in some Printemps (of course!) and nymph! Almost caught up – one more day to show you. Today’s. 

And now we are caught up! Today’s pattern is called K-ning. It is one of Sandra Strait’s awesome patterns. She has such a great idea for tangling and has so many wonderful ones to pick from! That would be K-ning right in the center. I morphed it into fiore which is a favorite one for me! The color on this tile is Ranger distress ink pads which I just dragged over the tile and laid down some color. 

Inktober is soon coming to a close. The idea of creating a piece of art each day for a month can be overwhelming, but by sticking with the basic principles of tangling it becomes manageable. Tangling is typically done on a 3.5″ tile with the thought that one can create an entire piece of art in one sitting. And that is totally doable with Inktober. And with Hahnemühle. I review product for their company and they provided me the tiles for this month’s event. The tiles are wonderful and I would use them every day all year long if I had an unending supply of them. I am also an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen. They provide me with product for personal use, to blog about and to giveaway. All the product I’ve used so far from Zebra is exceptional!

If you want to purchase some of the Tiles from Hahnemühle, you can do that by clicking here

If you want to purchase some Technical Pens, highlighters or mildliners from Zebra Pen, you can do that by clicking here

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