Days 8 and 9 of Inktober #hahnemühle #zebrapen

Alice Hendon, day 9 of Inktober 2018, Zebra Mildliners
I am falling behind on Inktober
Blog issues, book issues, computer issues, 
new computer issues.
It’s been a messed up last 4 days!
This tile was for October 9th, which was yesterday.
for both these days.
The color on this one came from Zebra Pens
beautiful mildliners
I used them like watercolor – which worked
The tangle is a relatively new one called
I threw in some printemps because . . .
why not?
Alice Hendon, day 8 of Inktober 2018, twinkling H2Os on Hahnemühle Tile
 Here is day 8.
Working backwards.
The color came from Twinkling H2Os,
a product that originally came out about
20 years ago and still works great today.
For both these tiles I used a 
to do the tangling.
Patterns on this one are:
and printemps
Want to join us for Inktober?
My Facebook group Tangle All Around
are working through the month together.
I am really pleased with the number of
people participating and all the beautiful
and inspired work they are posting.
It is really just awesome and amazing!
You can come see what I mean
Want to pick up some of the super Tiles from Hahnemühle?
Click here.
Zebra Mildliners?
Click here.
Technical Pens?
Click here.
And please come back tomorrow.
In between installing a new computer,
moving all the files over, trying to find a 
new publisher, and possibly even a new
blogging site –
maybe I will be able to fit in a tile.
Because I am now behind.
The struggle is real.
Note: as much as I’d love to hear from you,
the comment function of my blog no longer
works. Why? Your guess is as good as mine,
because we have been working on it literally
for a couple months. Just know you are loved
and appreciated! 

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