Days 6 and 7 of Inktober #hahnemühle #zebrapen

Alice Hendon, days 6 and 7 of Inktober 2018
 Really happy with the way this tile turned out!
I made the background color with 
Ranger Distress Ink pads,
just kind of scrubbed them around on the paper.
That would be a Tile from
(And they are working out great for this Inktober!)
The patterns I tangled are O-cee and Onamato.
Just the two.
I thought they worked very well with the
beautiful colors in the background.
I used a Zensations Technical Pen from Zebra Pens.
They work great on these tiles,
and on top of the distress inks.
We are doing Inktober together as a group
over on Facebook at
Want to join us?
It isn’t too late – 
it isn’t too late until it’s November –
join us here.
Want to pick up some of these awesome
You can do that here
Alice Hendon, day 6 of the 31 Products Challenge
 Another program I am working with this October
The thought is to pull all those art supplies
out of the closet – you know we all have them –
and use a different product each day this month.
I am working on a 12″ x 24″ art canvas.
Above is what I did on day 6.
(I think I am working too hard and fast and will
be done before day 31 is here.
Ranger Distress Ink pads.
Used them to scuff up those collage pieces
and swipe some color here and there.
You can check out the 31 Products Challenge here.
Alice Hendon, ATC making for the letter D, Disney of course <3
I am in another group on Facebook called
One of the events going on right now
is the letter D swap.
We make 2 ATCs to trade with someone in the
group – based on the letter D.
This shows the bare bones of my ATC.
I will show you the original after it makes
its way to its new owner. 
Just a reminder – if you try to leave a comment
and I don’t reply it is because blogger is not
sending me notifications of comments
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moderation area of the blog. 
I still love you!
I just can’t tell you.
Oh wait, I just did!
Have a great day!

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