Day 13 of Inktober and 31 Products Challenge #zebrapen #hahnemühle

Alice Hendon, day 13 Inktober, 2018, tangle pattern zello
 A lot has happened since I posted last.
My computer died.
Bought a new computer. 
Book publisher died.
Looking for a new book publisher.
Blog commenting isn’t my fault.
Blogger is messed up.
Looking for a new blogging site. 
Is that how you spell “site?”
Back to art-ing.
Above is day 13 of Inktober, 2018.
The tangle pattern was a new one to me,
a fun one with lots of flexibility.
From Eni Oken – it is called zello
with a Zensations Technical Pen
from Zebra Pens
Love it all!
Alice Hendon, day 13 of the 31 Product Challenge, 2018, mixed media
 And we move on to day #13 of the
I did do some work on this each day
this month, I just haven’t posted them
all here. There will be a massive
post at the end of the project.
Promise, with lots of photos!
Today I used Caran D’Ache Neocolor
Watersoluble pastels to make marks.
Circles, lines, smudges.
It was highly satisfying. 
Alice Hendon, day 13 of the 31 Product Challenge, 2018, mixed media
Close up of a small section.
Those purple circles are what I added today.
No idea at all where I will be going with
this next. But I know it will be fun!
Want to join us for Inktober?
Come on over to Facebook and check out my
group Tangle All Around. We are doing
Inktober together. Or you can just
Want to pick up some of the Hahnemühle Tiles?
How about those Zensations Technical Pens?

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