Working in my Tangle Starts Book #zebrapen

Alice Hendon, working in my Tangle Starts book available on
So much fun!
I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting
into tangling lately, and I just wanted to
draw lots of printemps.
Sometimes that is all I can make myself do.
And I didn’t feel like making a background.
So I pulled out my Tangle Starts book which
has all that work already done for me.
was the first book I solo published.
All the pages are in full color and they are
backgrounds that I made using many different
mixed media products.
All I had to do was add the tangles themselves.
So I used my Zensations Technical Pens from
Zebra Pen where I am an artist ambassador
and I started by drawing the little printemps.
One thing led to another and I ended up with
a lovely little underworld scene.
Alice Hendon, working in my Tangle Starts book available here
The pages in Tangle Starts can be tangled 
right in the book. This would give a wonderful
tangled journey of your work.
you can use the pages for art journaling.
Either in this book or remove the pages
and use them in your own art journal.
you can tear up the pages for collage work.
It really is a pretty amazing book with all
the artistic opportunities it provides.
You can look at it further here
and if you want a copy, it can be purchased
I released a brand new book today.
I’ll blog about it tomorrow,
but if you don’t want to wait you can get a
little preview here
Alice Hendon, Tangle Starts Treasures, my newest book available on

4 thoughts on “Working in my Tangle Starts Book #zebrapen

  1. You hid those Printemps pretty well in your tangled piece – I had to go searching for them. This came together beautifully & I love those fish swimming across & your Indyrella are always a joy. Congratulations on the new book – getting to be quite a collection now & I can see this is already a huge hit for you. YES!!

    • haha! have to have the printemps! and thank you – underwater seems to be calling to me lately. and thanks for the congrats on the book. I am very pleased with where the series is going <3

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