Tealing the Tangles

Alice Hendon, tangle step outs for Shiretown
There has been so much discord in the tangle community lately.
One side against the other.
It has seriously diminished my love for the art.
I am trying to get it back by standing on my own,
not siding with either side.
You may have noticed my posts have changed more
 to putting color on paper and playing on my iPad.
Alice Hendon, tangle step outs for Airways
I thought maybe if I took my own tangle patterns
and made them look “more me” that would help
bring some of that happiness back.
You may have noticed just by looking around
my blog that the color teal is important to me.
Teal makes me happy.
It makes me smile.
So I thought if I framed my step outs in teal
that would make me feel better and it would
help me take my own stand.
For me.
So that is what I am doing.
Today I remind you of the tangles
Shiretown and Airways.
I hope you will use these patterns
and just have fun!
And if you do – I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “Tealing the Tangles

  1. Hi Alice, I have to tell you that your posts of your work on Procreate inspired me so much I had to buy the app…in order to do that and make it work, I had to buy a new iPad. I did a little dabbling in it last night. I can see where I will really enjoy it. Your airways is one of my favorite tangles. Thank you for your inspiring work!

    • oh wow! I cost you a lot of money! haha! but I know you will enjoy it. and I'm glad you are having fun with airways <3

  2. These two are amongst my favourites of your tangles, & yes they are distinctively 'Creator's Leaf' in style. Your step-outs are lovely & distinctive, especially now with the teal border. Sorry to hear that the discord is affecting how you feel about tangling.

    • thanks, dear friend, it gets harder each day. seems there's always one more "but why?" oh well. making painting my theme for today <3

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