Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle

This is the original project I built on a page
Just as the name implies – the pages are grey
in color. With a weight of 55 lbs., I didn’t know
 what to expect when adding wet media
but this paper worked like a champ!
The book wrap says the paper has a
non-absorbing surface,
so I figured to try that out with some
watercolor and acrylics.
For the bottom layer I used Altenew’s
new watercolor palette and a wet flat brush.
I was really happy with the way the paper
took the wet media.
The added flowers are Daniel Smith watercolors.
(I believe in the video I referred to them as acrylics.
My mistake. They are watercolors.)
I received so many questions when I posted
this piece on Instagram, that I thought to make
a video showing the steps.Alice Hendon, retro flowers in Hahnemühle Cappuccino Book
In the interim, Hahnemühle sent me their
which is exactly like the Grey Book with the
exception of these pages being a coffee color.
More like a latte, actually.
So I followed the same steps and created the
piece above.
Again the paper worked great!
This time though, I videoed the process.
You can follow along with the video below.
I appreciate any and all feedback.
Here is a link to my YouTube channel
where I hope to be posting many more such
videos, as well as tangle videos.
I will continue working in both the Grey Book
and the Cappuccino Book and will be posting
a much more comprehensive review soon.
The Grey Book can be purchased here.
The Cappuccino Book can be purchased here.

4 thoughts on “Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle

  1. Great idea having all of your tutorials and reviews separate! Excellent website. You and Christine did a fabulous job!

    • thanks,sandra, it took a long time but there was a lot of work to get done. I think I will like the categories, makes it easier to find things.

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