New Release: Tangle Starts Treasures

Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
Book #4 in the
is now available worldwide on the
various Amazon online store websites.
Just released yesterday,
had already jumped to the
#1 spot on the Hot New Release list
within a couple hours. So exciting!!!
 Described as a
traveling treasure trove of tangle temptations,
this book actually came about as a result of
some questions in the Facebook group I admin
I had a lot of members asking how they
could organize and store their tangle
pattern step outs in one location.
I figured it was about time I designated an
Artangleology book to meet that need.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
 Above you see the index for Treasures.
Primarily it is a place to draw step outs for the
tangle patterns you want to keep track of.
The ones you will want to be able to draw at a
later time and not have to worry about where
in all the websites and blogs you may have seen
that one certain pattern.
Now you can make a record of the ones you find
interesting . . . when you find them interesting!
That way you know where they are.
They will be in your book of treasures.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
The step out pages are set up like this.
There is room to record the steps for up to four
tangle patterns per page.
You should always record the name of the
pattern and the designer if you know them.
It is considered courtesy to credit the
designers when you use their patterns.
You can not do that if you do not
know the information.
Each page has a tile where you can create a
piece of art using the patterns from that page.
You can easily store step outs to 376 patterns in
More if some of them have less steps.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
I included some strings for your use.
Some basic, some zendalas.
All you need to do is tangle them.
They are very much like the strings found in
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
 There are also some blanks tiles for you to
create your own strings, then tangle.
Remember it is primarily for the organization
and storage of tangle pattern step outs.
Have some favorite tangles you want to remember,
but don’t necessarily need to record the steps?
There are pages where you can do this.
Been wanting to try your hand at creating your
own tangle patterns?
There are instructions teaching you how to do that.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
Any time I can share a photo of one of my dragons –
it is a good day! Hahaha!
This is Mushu.
The red one.
The other one is me.
is an excellent resource to add to your
zentangle materials.
One thing I forgot to mention is the size.
At 6″ x 9″ Treasures is just right for
on-the-go tangling.
Whether in an airport, a hotel room
or sitting on your sofa,
Treasures can make the trip with you
and be there when you need it.
You can see more about
Tangle Starts Treasures
and hopefully purchase your own copy
Thank you so much for appreciating my art
and being so supportive of my books!

3 thoughts on “New Release: Tangle Starts Treasures

    • thank you so much, carol! such exciting news! I believe this book will be a huge help in the tangling community – at least I hope it will be 🙂

  1. I absolutely ADORE your art.After a long hiatus from creating I want to thank you for the inspiration! Please could you advise me about which Zensations mArkers to acquire? I also LOVE the colour teal. "Tangled Up In Blue"! After surviving an accident 4 weeks ago and suddenly being wheelchair bound~ (quite the perspective shift) I am full of gratitudes.☆♡°▪¤☆

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