My Style of Printemps


A faithful reader named Barb asked me to video the way I tangle printemps. I hope this will make sense and encourage you to give my printemps style a try. 

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9 thoughts on “My Style of Printemps

  1. Hello Alice! Yes, it has helped tremendously! Thank you!! I will be using it in my zentangle practice for sure! Might even do a page of only printemps such as you showed in the video to practise it.

  2. My comment seems to have got lost in the ether……. anyhow watching your drawing of these really made me realise why the’yre so distinctive – it’s the sparkle only being two ‘passes’ & that final rounding off. Great!

    • the problem with commenting is all on my end. and we can not figure it out. the only way I can comment is to try here and then I have to go approve my own comment for posting. I fear a new blog format may need to be coming. and I'm glad this video is helpful, thank you for letting me know <3

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