Doing a Little Tangling

Alice Hendon, using Jane Davenport's inks for the first time, tangling in Maine
 Trying to get back in the routine of posting every day.
That means I need something to post.
I got some new inks from Joggles last week.
Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks.
The colors are bold and lovely.
They didn’t spread very well when dripped into
water, but I was able to push them around
a bit with a heat gun. 
Not sure how many colors she came out with,
but I have nine. Yay!!!
I love bright and beautiful!
And then I tangled on them cause that’s 
what I do. 
You probably will not recognize most of the
patterns because they haven’t been
released yet.
Except for coral and airways.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 This one was a little easier.
About 3″ x 4″, I used crescent moon,
hached, knase and Harlee Qwin.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 Another 3″ x 4″ piece, using eye-wa, florz,
and two of my own that haven’t been released yet.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 A 4.5″ tile with printemps and a pattern I’m 
working on called chunky monkey –
except I made some boo-boos. 
So I guess you can call this one flunky monkey.
Alice Hendon, Facebook Tangle All Around milestone
And yay!!!!!
Our Facebook group
just hit 5,400 members this morning.
We will be working through INKtober
together during October.
Want to join us?
Come here and knock on the door.
I’ll let you in <3 .

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