Can You See the Progress in Your Art?

Alice Hendon, Tangle All Around I Dare You prompt
This post is a
Show and Tell
post. Hahaha!
This week’s 
I Dare You! prompt
was to take your very first piece of tangled art
and re-create it. 
The purpose is to show that you are progressing
and improving in your tangle skills.
This is especially important when you don’t
feel like you are getting better.
When you are unsure that you are getting
You are!
The tile on the left is the very first one
I ever did. Scratchy uneven lines, overlaps and
all! If you click once on the photo, it should
enlarge where you can see all the imperfections
and boo-boos. And I was crazy proud of this tile!
I was teaching myself from the Zentangle Basics
book Suzanne McNeill had out.
No formal training by a zentangle teacher.
I remember texting it to my daughter to
show her what I was learning.
Well this week, I pulled that tile out and
tangled it again – the way I tangle now.
You will notice I do some of the patterns
differently now. But overall it is the same tile.
Yes, I have been doing this for 6 years.
And this is how I can see that I have improved.
That I have progressed.
If you are questioning whether you are tangling
better, if you are progressing and growing your
I challenge you to pull out the very first
piece you ever tangled
do it again.
Then look at the two side by side
and you will see a miracle.
I promise. 
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Alice Hendon, Tangle All Around I Dare You prompt

6 thoughts on “Can You See the Progress in Your Art?

  1. I too started with that book. It’s a long time since l’ve drawn now but you’re absolutely right for still there’s progress in the line work. Brilliant idea for the dare challenge.

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