Working in Tangle Starts Treasures


I’m loving this book right now! Tangle Starts Treasures is my newest book, just two weeks old and it is still showing  at the top of the hot new release list! This is so exciting!!! Thank you to each of you who have made this possible!!!  Amazon’s site shows you some of the inside pages now, but it… Continue Reading

Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle


This is the original project I built on a page in the Hahnemühle Grey Book. Just as the name implies – the pages are grey in color. With a weight of 55 lbs., I didn’t know  what to expect when adding wet media but this paper worked like a champ! The book wrap says the paper has a non-absorbing… Continue Reading

My Style of Printemps


A faithful reader named Barb asked me to video the way I tangle printemps. I hope this will make sense and encourage you to give my printemps style a try.  Need a tangle place to hang out? I admin a Facebook group called Tangle All Around. We have a great membership of encouragers and inspirers. Come… Continue Reading

Can You See the Progress in Your Art?


This post is a Show and Tell post. Hahaha! This week’s  I Dare You! prompt in Tangle All Around was to take your very first piece of tangled art and re-create it.  The purpose is to show that you are progressing and improving in your tangle skills. This is especially important when you don’t feel… Continue Reading

Finishing Some Projects #hahnemühle

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Yesterday was a day for finishing up projects. Above you see a page in my Hahnemühle Grey Book (yes, those pages are grey in color) that I covered with Altenew Watercolors using a simple flat brush.  Just a little color blocking. Once it was dry, I used the same flat brush and made rings of petals. Yesterday I went… Continue Reading

Doing a Little Tangling

 Trying to get back in the routine of posting every day. That means I need something to post. Hahaha! I got some new inks from Joggles last week. Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks. The colors are bold and lovely. They didn’t spread very well when dripped into water, but I was able to push them around a bit with… Continue Reading

TV Time Last Night

I just realized I forgot to shade this. Oh well, I’ll do that tonight when we watch reruns on TV. Thankfully new episodes start back up next week. As much as I love Merlin, and Atlantis, and  the Musketeers, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. there are only so many times you can watch them. Trust me on this one…. Continue Reading

New Release: Tangle Starts Treasures


Book #4 in the Artangleology Series is now available worldwide on the various Amazon online store websites. Just released yesterday, Tangle Starts Treasures had already jumped to the #1 spot on the Hot New Release list within a couple hours. So exciting!!!  Described as a traveling treasure trove of tangle temptations, this book actually came about as… Continue Reading

Working in my Tangle Starts Book #zebrapen


So much fun! I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting into tangling lately, and I just wanted to draw lots of printemps. Sometimes that is all I can make myself do. And I didn’t feel like making a background. So I pulled out my Tangle Starts book which has all that work already done for me. Tangle… Continue Reading

Tealing the Tangles


There has been so much discord in the tangle community lately. One side against the other. It has seriously diminished my love for the art. I am trying to get it back by standing on my own, not siding with either side. You may have noticed my posts have changed more  to putting color on paper and… Continue Reading