Two Tangles For You #tanglepatterns

Alice Hendon, step out for All Boxed Up
 I am hoping to transition all my tangles over
to teal boxes like these two.
I just like teal. Hahahaha!
Here are steps for making All Boxed Up
with straight lines and with wonky lines.
Super versatile tangle. You can seriously use it so 
many ways. I used it in yesterday’s post as well.
Feel free to pin to your Pinterest boards.
Alice Hendon, step out for Ribbon Rose
Ribbon Rose is the most recent tangle I’ve
published. Designing others for a couple books 
I’m working on. So stayed tuned for those.
This past week saw Ribbon Rose featured on
the Tangle Patterns website, where you can
find literally hundreds of patterns to work with.
Here is a link directly to Ribbon Rose.
I will post the YouTube video link at the very
bottom of this post.
I have used it so many different ways, but this
is my favorite!
Alice Hendon, example art using Ribbon Rose tangle
Please feel free to pin Ribbon Rose to your
Pinterest boards also. 
Have a great Sunday!

You may also enjoy Helen Williams’ tangle
Crumpled Roses at this link
Ribbon rose and crumpled rose are similar in
appearance, yet they are arrived at in 
different manners. 

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