Reorganizing Take Two #somuchfun #foundgoodstuff

Alice Hendon, reorganizing once more time
 In my last post I was showing you how I was reorganizing my art studio. 
It was looking pretty good, too.
And then I got an awesome idea for getting more of
my color media out where I could actually see them
and be able to remember what I have.
Hence, Reorganizing Take 2. 
Alice Hendon, reorganizing once more time
When we lived in Florida, we had one of these
nifty hanging racks on the back of a closet door and
we stashed boxes and cans of food in it.
$29.00 on Amazon and it was here in two days. 
This is the perfect way to get my color available where I can 
see what I have. And not forget. 
And before you get discouraged, I have been collecting
color for almost 6 years now. 
Just so you know. 
All these bottles of color were previously stashed in
drawers and in pretty boxes. Where it was not visible. 
So easy to forget what
I have and just keep going back to the items 
on my rolling carts.
Alice Hendon, reorganizing once more time
 By moving things out of boxes and onto the back
of the door, I was able to free up a bunch of space.
I now have 2 drawers of alcohol ink.
Easier to access and still portable.
I work with these in the kitchen because that room
is better ventilated than my studio.
Alice Hendon, reorganizing once more time
 This is far and away the coolest thing I found!
I got this on eBay. A long time ago. It was in the bottom of a drawer underneath a lot of other things. 
It was made in England by Page of London. 
The lid is a little dented up . . .
Alice Hendon, reorganizing once more time
. . . but the paints inside have never been used. 
It’s crazy how the colors are all mixed up and in no order.
It is a huge set – the tin is 7″ x 12″. 
I can’t decide if I want to use the paints
save the paints. 
A used and nasty set is going for $39.00 on eBay.
And today – I continue cleaning up.
Cause I made a serious mess yesterday. 

2 thoughts on “Reorganizing Take Two #somuchfun #foundgoodstuff

  1. Brilliant idea with the hanging rack. Think you should use those paints & enjoy them – know you have a soft spot for Mickey so he's going to make you smile. Think I'd have to rearrange all those colours into where they belong together along the colour wheel or rainbow principle.

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