My Tangle Starts Strings This Week #tanglestartsstrings

Alice Hendon, Tangle Starts Strings
is my most recent book.
The cover states there is a string for
every day of the year, when in fact there
are some bonus strings.
You get a total of 378 strings already drawn
for you in this book. 
And it is so easy to use!
Alice Hendon, a page completed in my Tangle Starts Strings book available on
There are four strings per page,
at 3.25″ square they have plenty of space
for you to add your tangles. 
You can easily complete a square in one
sitting. I worked on these over the past
week and I just noticed I did not add
printemps to the first tile.
Weird. Cause I always use printemps.
I gave you space under each tile to record
the names of the patterns you used.
Or to make any notations you wish.
I used the heavier full-color paper for this
book, even though the bulk of it is black and
white. This will allow you to work without
worrying about bleed through on your pages.
You can read more about the book here
What are you working on?
We are headed into the weekend, 
we will probably be doing some ATV riding.
Have fun!

3 thoughts on “My Tangle Starts Strings This Week #tanglestartsstrings

  1. Great seeing a page done like this with your names added – I'm getting rusty with names. Cruffle is another one of your regular tangles so maybe Cruffle ousted Printemps in the first??

    • hahahahaha! I can't believe I didn't include printemps somewhere in the first one. I pretty much always start with it and build from there. strange. but yes, I do love using cruffles as well 🙂

    • hahaha! it seems strange making comments on posts from back in august, but I can now!!! cause I have a new blog!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!

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