Disc Bound Journaling #hahnemühle

I made myself a little Hahnemühle disc bound journal!
In a post you can see here, I show you in
great detail what I did with the journal.
The paper I started with was 140 lb. hot pressed
watercolor paper called Harmony, and it is
made by Hahnemühle Fine Art.
The pages were roughly 9″ x 12″.
I cut each page into 4 sections of 4.5″ x 6″.
The reason this is called a “disc bound” journal is
because the pages are held together with special
little plastic discs that allow for easy page
turning. They also allow for easy removal of
pages to work on one at a time.
You can move the pages around and change the
order, which I did many times.
I even changed the size of the discs because
those pink ones were too large for this project.
I am going to walk you through my favorite
page in the journal and show you how to make it.
I removed one page from my book.
Those scraps of colored paper are actually
bits of highly concentrated water color.
These were bits I cut off other sheets in the past,
and kept because even a little 1/2″ x 2″ scrap
will give me lots of color to work with.
To that add one water brush filled with water.
I am no watercolor wonder, but anyone can use
these swatches – I promise!
It is as easy as rubbing your water brush across
a bit of the peerless swatch.
That immediately picks up the color that
you then ‘paint’ onto your page.
There is seriously no rhyme or reason to the way
I work, I just use the colors I like and put it
down in patches.
They can blend into each other if I want.
Or they can stay in their little areas if that
is what I want.
I let this dry for a couple hours.
I could have sped the time up with a heat gun
but really – I had 31 other pages to work with.
When I came back to this – I used a
and started tangling in sections.
I filled the darker pink sections with printemps.
A couple of the blue sections, too, apparently.
And I just continued adding tangle patterns.
I try to stay with specific color blocks and let
the shape of the color block act as my ‘string.’
You can see I did this with crescent moon and
Then I looked to identify places where colors side
by side could use a cross-over type of tangle
like arukas.
That is the one with the small black circles and the
lines that reach across colors and join with
other circles.
Once I was happy with the tangle patterns I added,
I went back with a white gelly roll pen and added
highlights to sparkle the printemps.
Adding this page back to the disc bound journal
was as easy as laying it top of the other pages
and popping the slotted holes back over
the discs.
Easy peasy and done with one page!
The Hahnemühle Harmony
Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper can be
purchased here.
Have fun playing! If you make a disc
bound journal, I would love to see it!

2 thoughts on “Disc Bound Journaling #hahnemühle

  1. Thank you for the detailed explanation of how you add the tangles to the colours. Love the little white highlights to the Printemps which really make it 'pop.' Just managing to catch up with you. Not really time for artwork so thank you for letting me enjoy yours vicariously, especially with the videos.

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