The 100 Day Project Wraps Up! #ledaartsupply

Alice Hendon, my 100 art pieces for The 100 Day Project!, the creator's leaf
I am going to hope this photo is clearer 
than it shows on my computer screen.
Collage of my 100 pieces of art for
I made this in the free section of
a friend pointed me to this program.
Alice Hendon, day 100 of The 100 Day Project, the creator's leaf
I worked on this piece over two days,
so part of it was day 99 and the whole
piece is day 100!
Overall a great project but really – it is
so hard to keep going. 
After awhile you just want to get your life back. 
I will not be doing this project myself
next year, but I will be there in spirit for
those who want to participate.
Great job to my Zentangle All Around members
who kept up with the project and to those
who are finishing up.
All of us totally rock!!!

Alice Hendon, I Survived the 100 Day Project, 2018, the creator's leaf

4 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project Wraps Up! #ledaartsupply

  1. Funny, I make some sort of art every day – but for some reason I felt pressured during this challenge. Won’t sign up again, but will cheer on those that do!! I will now play…until Inktober!!

    • haha! I felt pressured, too! I had no idea how long 100 days could feel. maybe we can rest up and be ready for INKtober. hahaha! in theory, anyway

  2. That really is quite a feat – INKtober will be a DODDLE (not sure if you use that in the US, SIMPLE doesn't sound as good especially with the wordplay on doodle).

    • Maybe I’ll be ready to do this again before INKtober gets here. This was quite the undertaking.

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