Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash! #doodlewash #ivebeendoodlewashed

Alice Hendon, Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash
What an incredible honor!
As part of World Watercolor Month,
my art is being featured on the Doodlewash Website.
Alice Hendon, dragon named Bramhall, Guest Artist on Doodlewash
You can read about my art journey to where
I am today and how I made it to this point in
five years. You can also see some of my
artwork. Pieces that I selected myself to share.
Including Bramhall above.
To read the article, just click here
To read about World Watercolor Month,
just click here
A big thank you to Charlie O’Shields
for believing in my art. 
A great honor indeed. 

4 thoughts on “Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash! #doodlewash #ivebeendoodlewashed

  1. Alice congratulations on being featured on Doodlewash. Went over and read your story. Love how you mix the tangles with the watercolors. Lovely.

    • thanks, Evelyn, it was fun putting the photos and text together. kind of scary because what I do is so different from most of what you see on doodlewash. glad you enjoyed it <3

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