Frankles Visits the Dragons


 The Frankles spent a couple days with us and she wanted to spend some time visiting with the dragons.  I love watching her ‘interact’ with them.  Hahaha! Maleficent is a little taller! She wanted to play with the one that didn’t have sharp edges and she was very careful.  We visited with all the dragons – I just… Continue Reading

Watercolor Wonder With the Fabulous Robin Mead


 Warning, Will Robinson! This is going to be a photo heavy-duty post! You have been warned. Hahaha! For several months now, I had been patiently (mostly) waiting to fly to Georgia to attend the Watercolor Wonder workshop taught by one of my art mentors – Robin Mead. So super excited it was finally time! Yayayayayay!!!! AND I… Continue Reading

I Have a New Friend! #mailart


 Let me just tell you – I am not the least bit bashful! Hahaha! I saw in one of my Facebook groups that someone had received some lovely mail art! I loved it! And commented that I wanted to receive some lovely mail art, too! The artist asked me to send her my address. And… Continue Reading

Marabu On Hahnemühle Bamboo Results


 A couple days ago I posted a video showing how to make these marbled cards. The product I used was Marabu Easy Marble. You can buy it here.  Not expensive, a bottle at $2.54 will last quite awhile at a couple drops here and a drop or two there.  For paper, I used Hahenemühle‘s Bamboo… Continue Reading