Review Coming Soon #hahnemühle #hahnemühlebamboo

color review forthcoming for Hahnemühle Bamboo, Alice Hendon
 If you follow my blog you already know –
I love bold, bright and colorful!
Just look at my wall!
I call myself a color artist because it is what
I prefer and it is what I have studied.
Each of the pieces above also have a back side
full of color!
And I’m going to be doing a complete review
soon on these projects I made using
Just need to tangle a couple first.
layered string for the week, Alice Hendon, zentangle
And it’s the weekend!
Although, when you are retired it is always
the weekend!!!
Saturday is the day I post new prompts for
the week in my Facebook group
I give them a string to tangle and I thought
I might as well give it to you, too.
You know. 
In case you aren’t in my group. 
And if you aren’t – why aren’t you?
Just messing with ya!
If you are interested, you can check us out
Have a great weekend!

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