Nebula Step Out, a New Tangle to Try #hahnemühle

What are you tangling lately?
I seem to do a lot of underwater or outer space
crazy skies or gardens.
This new tangle called Nebula will work 
very well for all of those.
Alice Hendon, new tangle pattern Nebula
Here is an example of that outer space thing.
The background belongs to my dear friend
Geneviève Crabe. 
She has a bunch of backgrounds in various
formats that you can purchase and download.
Makes your tangling a whole lot easier!
Here is a link to her store
You can’t go wrong with pink and blue.
So that’s what I chose to work with.
My tangle ringz just felt like a good fit with this
background, but I needed something else.
I added in a sweet little Lilah Bean spaceship
but I needed something floaty.
And that is when nebula came into play.
Yes, it is similar to Michele Beauchamp’s
popsicles tangle,
but it has more flexibility, more possibilities.
Varying auras and fills and centers.
I love it!
Alice Hendon, new tangle pattern Nebula
And here you can see what happens when you
morph nebula into something bigger.
I made this background on Bamboo Mixed Media paper 
from Hahnemühle with Schmincke watercolors, 
just swishing color here and there, 
and when I was finished with
the color, nebula just popped into mind!
It was perfect with this background. 
So. What do you think?
I need to tangle up a good ocean scene
using nebula and add that here.
I would love to see what you can do with
Alice Hendon, Tangle Starts Planner, 106 new patterns
Nebula is one of the 106 tangles featured in my book
A tangler’s complete planner, tangle journal, and
organizer all in one. 
All the features of a planner plus 106 tangle patterns
to get you inspired. 
OK. Commercial over.
Go tangle up a bunch of nebula, please 🙂

8 thoughts on “Nebula Step Out, a New Tangle to Try #hahnemühle

  1. Super name for it & doesn't it look different in your two samples. I love that second one particularly…….mind you the little astronaut is such a character……….. catching up in reverse with your posts. Been a bit madly busy with conferences & a 10th anniversary party at the shop & just approaching silly season with bible youth/children's camps etc……….

    • hahaha! I'm just glad to see you here 🙂 I have missed you. I know your time is busy. praying for you and your ministry this summer time – especially with the children. they are so precious and such an important responsibility we were given to reach them

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