Days 81 – 83 of The 100 Day Project #hahnemuhle #ledaartsupply

Alice Hendon, Day 81 of The 100 Day Project in my Bay Leda Pocket Sketchbook
 Day 81 was a lot of fun and so easy to do!
I was working on a large collage piece – 
making a background layer – 
and rolling the leftover paint onto a couple sketchbook pages. 
This is one of those page spreads of brayered on leftover paint. 
Done in my Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook from 
Perfect size book for this project.
(You can get this book on but if you
buy it direct from Leda it costs less.)
Then I tangled some kuke and Tennyson.
Reminds me of a picnic with a 
bunch of watermelon balls. 
Alice Hendon, Day 82 of The 100 Day Project in my Tangle Starts Strings Book available on
 Day 82 was tangled in my latest book
It has 378 pre-drawn strings so you don’t have
to worry about creating that part yourself.
I used perfs, crescent moon (the way I draw it) 
and a new one I’m developing called Zone. 
Alice Hendon, day 83 of The 100 Day Project in my Hahnemühle Black Book
 Wow! This looks psychedelic!
Day 83 was done in my 
Hahnemühle Black Book. 
It can be purchased here
The book is great!
All the pages are black; the one issue that causes
with tangling is figuring out what pens to use.
I purchased a set from Jet Pens called
and they are purported to
“stand out incredibly well on black paper.”
The set I purchased had 12 pens.
If you were to count the colors seen in day 83 
you would notice there are only 7.
Five of these ‘magic’ pens do not actually
work on black.
Not if you would like to also see them.
But 7 are wonderful. 
And the Black Book from Hahnemühle is
 perfect for this! 
The smooth paper was a charm
to draw on with the 7 magical pens I had.
Enough said about those pens.
I will be reviewing the Black Book before long. 
(And I love it!)
The only tangle I used was printemps.
(I’m sure you are surprised with that tangle choice. Hahahaha!)
Alice Hendon, collage work in progress in my XL Leda Sketchbook
This doesn’t go with any specific day of the project.
I just like it so far.
This is a large collage piece I’ve been working
on for a couple days now. 
Paint a little, glue a little, and wait for it to dry.
But it is in progress and I love it so far!
Building this in my Extra Large Leda Sketchbook.
You know I love these books!
Hope to have this finished in the next day or so
with a step-by-step of how I made it.
Mostly, skip every other step but I’m trying
to remember to take photos.
It’s the weekend!
Yay! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Days 81 – 83 of The 100 Day Project #hahnemuhle #ledaartsupply

  1. Fun seeing the start of your collage piece but I think the prize has to go to your Kuke/Crete with Printemps running at a close second (doesn't it look different all in luminous colours on black – certainly alters the whole feel of it from the usual monotone).

    • I do love the colors and the feel of the kuke/crete piece. and yes, this black book from Hahnemühle is going to be fun to work with. I love the way these colors work – well, at least the ones that 'worked'

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