Day 80 #ledaartsupply

Alice Hendon, the 100 Day Project in my Baby Leda Sketchbook
It is day #80 of The 100 Day Project in my
I hear the string section playing “Hallelujah!”
Tangles include printemps, zone and raid.
And that’s day 80.
Please Read:
A couple weeks ago I made some address changes with the blog and apparently that messed up some of the settings. I no longer get automatic emails when you leave a comment on a post. I have to remember to go look for those. And I’m trying to remember – it just sometimes takes me a day or two or five or six.
So don’t be discouraged.
Don’t think I don’t still love you –
because I do.
And quite frankly I’m not all that positive that
for those of you who signed up to get my
posts through email when I make them –
yeah, I don’t know if that’s working either.
So if you received an email that told you about this post,
can you just leave a comment and let me know that it works, please?
Or you can email me at
Thanks 🙂
Have a super wonderful weekend. 

8 thoughts on “Day 80 #ledaartsupply

    • thanks for letting me know. still am not getting notifications but at least we now know the email function works <3 and day 80 was a lot of fun! thank you for being here 🙂

  1. Your post for day 80 through email came in at 4:02 this morning! Really nice combo of patterns you used there. Have a great day!

    • thank you so much for letting me know. notification still doesn't work, but at least now we know this part does. changes. sigh. hahaha! thanks for letting me know 🙂

  2. thanks, Julie. still no notification and we don't know how to fix that part. but at least the rest works. thank you , dear friend <3

  3. Sorry to be so late commenting – super combination of tangles & I do like that new Zone, looks like it's going to be so so versatile.

    • zone is doing very well so far with a bunch of people using it. that makes me very happy 🙂

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