Time With the Frankles


 Started the morning off with breakfast at Grammy’s Country Inn. Training some new cooks – they need to learn a little quicker. But the whipped cream was awesome! The Frankles approved the cream for sure! Blueberry pancake with blueberries and cream on top! Yummy! No art today. We are busy being a kitty. Art again tomorrow. … Continue Reading

Nebula Step Out, a New Tangle to Try #hahnemühle


What are you tangling lately? I seem to do a lot of underwater or outer space crazy skies or gardens. This new tangle called Nebula will work  very well for all of those. Hahahahaha!  Here is an example of that outer space thing. The background belongs to my dear friend Geneviève Crabe.  She has a bunch of… Continue Reading

Loving this Collage in my XL Leda Sketchbook!


 Wow! Where to start? Photo heavy post ahead. I am going to walk you through how I made this two-page spread in my XL Leda Sketchbook. If you don’t care about that – just admire the above photo of the finished project and have a super day 🙂 but if you want to see how… Continue Reading

Working in My Tangle Starts Strings Book


 Tangle Starts Strings, A String for Every Day of the Year is doing very well on Amazon. It published on May 16. On the 17th it went to #1 on the Hot New Release list and stayed there for the remainder of the 30 days that it was eligible. After 30 days your book comes off… Continue Reading

Day 80 #ledaartsupply


It is day #80 of The 100 Day Project in my Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook. I hear the string section playing “Hallelujah!” Tangles include printemps, zone and raid. And that’s day 80. Please Read: A couple weeks ago I made some address changes with the blog and apparently that messed up some of the settings. I no longer… Continue Reading

Product Review: Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media #zebrapenus


 Recently I ordered a  Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media spiral pad on Amazon.com and liked it so much I ordered a small pad to review. From the Hahnemühle website: Due to its unique surface, this natural-white artist paper is very well suited for different drawing and painting techniques as well as mixed media techniques. The colour… Continue Reading