Days 13 – 15 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply

days 14 and 15 of The 100 Day Project, Alice and Mark Hendon
 Catching up blog posts today with 
The 100 Day Project!
Above you see work for days 14 and 15.
In my Facebook group
the I Dare You! prompt this week was to
have your child, grandchild or a loved one
make a colorful background that you then
tangle on. Hence the above piece of art.
(Insert smiley face!)
I told my husband he was going to help me with
the prompt for this week and he was a little
skeptical but willing to give it a go.
I gave him a sample piece of mixed media
paper (above), a full sheet and a box full of
brusho crystal color canisters.
I told him to look through the colors and pick out
2 – 3 that he liked. 
For those of you who aren’t familiar with
you need to be. 
Brushos come in little plastic canisters
filled with crystals of the most wonderful colors.
Little specks of highly intense colors. 
Making backgrounds with them is almost like
rocket science!
You literally slop a bunch of water on the paper
and tap, tap, tap the color crystals into the water.
Then you sit back and wait.
That’s it.
 The colors will begin to mix and spread and spiral
and do all kinds of awesome sauce stuff!
For Mark’s background, he used two colors –
olive green and cobalt blue. 
His paper got a little dry in places where it didn’t
get good coverage – 
because what idiot would tell
you to slop a ton of water on the paper? – 
which was
easily taken care of with a spritz of water
here and there. 
Then we sat the piece aside until later in the day.
I came back over days 14 and 15 and added the
printemps and flux in black, white and gold.
And we called it art finished!
To fit the art into my 
I am using for the 100 days of arting,
I simply cut the paper in half.
Call it luck, but the paper was already cut
at exactly the right size. 
That will never happen again.
You may recall back at the beginning of the post,
I said I handed Mark two pieces of paper.
The second piece turned out even more wonderfully
and will be appearing in the blog after I have had
the opportunity to tangle it up. 
It is about 9″ x 12″ so it will take a bit.
day 13 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon
Day 13 was a lot of fun.
I admin the group 
For the 100 Day challenge I set the group
requirements as such:
set a timer for 15 minutes and start tangling.
When the timer goes off, stop and post your art.
Simple as that.
Many people say they don’t have time to draw
each day, but most people can find time to
draw for 15 minutes, which is why I chose
that time parameter. 
It is hard to stop once you get going,
but I am trying to do just that
so other people can see it is possible.
Day 13 was a 15-minute-and-done piece.
Sure I would have liked to add more to it,
but I like it this way also.
And like I said, it took 15 minutes.
And done.
Today is Day 16 so I need to set my timer.
Sooooo proud of the members in my group
that are doing the challenge with me!
It is amazing how many members are tangling
and posting, 
who normally don’t do either.
Want to join us?
Click here and ask to join.
Easy as that. 
You can ever start with Day 16.

2 thoughts on “Days 13 – 15 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply

  1. Interesting that Mark chose those particular colours – the big Flux look like like splashes of water swirling about & they've come out ever so well in the white.

    • Yes, I am just trying white on dark backgrounds like this and it works well. I’ve tangled white on a black tile but not like this before. I like the way it turned out.

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