Day 12 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply

The 100 Day Project, word art, Day 12, Alice Hendon
Day 12 of
The 100 Day Project
brought me around to some word art.
I have an old, old book that is basically
falling apart.
It’s called Each in His Own Tongue,
by William Herbert Carruth,
copyright 1925.
The above page came from the book,
I hand tore the edges and set it to the side.
Black gesso prepped a page in my
Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook.
I adhered the old book page with
Dina Wakley clear gesso,
then covered it with more to seal
the edges. 
Once everything was dry,
I used a white uniball Signo gel pen to
tangle my pattern curlz.
Not the easiest thing to do over the gesso.
Last thing was to pull out the words I wanted
to use to make a statement in my word art.
Set apart with a micron and graphite,
shading was easy on the book page.
This Leda Sketchbook is working out so
super great for this project!
I can’t wait to make a video of all 100 days
when the project is over!
Day 12 is a done deal.
We are working the project together over at
Facebook in my group
Zentangle All Around.
Why don’t you come join us?
Here are some pertinent links.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply

  1. I did wonder I Google had gobbled my comments……..seems so!! I was wondering where you found the quote which is so good & I love your highlighting of those particular words – they look 3D.

    • the quote is actually a page in the book I have that is falling apart. it's called Each in His Own Tongue and it was copyrighted 1925. I found it in some of my aunt's things after she died about 40 years ago. been carrying it around with me since then. I figured it was time to use it for something since it is in such bad shape anyway. and yes, I like the 3D look. shading should do that every time, doesn't always work. haha!

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