Anatomy of a Pig #hahnemühle #zebrapen #mindylacefield

my cute little pig drawn in the style of Mindy Lacefield on Hahnemühle Cézanne Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper with Schmincke watercolors
I thought about showing a progression of 
photos in the making of this little piggy.
Hence the “Anatomy” part of my blog title.
We are in the midst of a massive snow storm
and the photos turned out so dark.
There is currently no sun.
My little piggy looked awful.
This was a scanner photo, 
which is why he looks better. 
This is the first pig I’ve done. 
I think he needs a bow sitting at an angle
just in front of that ear on the left.
Too late!
Next time for sure!
I am loving this animal tutorial I got from
Drawn/painted on Hahnemühle‘s exceptional
My paper of choice right now.
I love it!
Watercolored with Schmincke watercolor pans,
line work done with 
from Zebra Pen
Encouragement and assistance provided by 
my ever wonderful friends
Sandra Strait and Jennifer McLean.
Where would I be without you two???
I don’t want to find out!!!
I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen
who provided me with the pens for this project.
They worked awesomely over the watercolor
and the acrylic I used trying to cover up a
hot mess I made in the background. 
Love these technical drawings pens!

I am doing product reviews for
They provided me with the 
I used for said piggy.
Awesome paper!
I can’t praise it enough!
No warping or dimpling –
and trust me! I used a ton of water –
several times –
on this sweet little piggy!

What should I work on next?
I guess you will have to come back and see.
Thank you, faithful readers!
You are the reason I create!
Should you be encouraged to work on
a sweet little animal,
I would love to see it!

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Pig #hahnemühle #zebrapen #mindylacefield

  1. More fun – your animals have such character & this one has pigitude!! Not sure about that bow if he's a male pig though. Take care in that snow storm – we're back to rain!!

    • hahaha! then 'he' would be a little 'girl' piggy with some awesome sunshine attitude <3 right now I have the studio torn apart. trying to rearrange and re organize. ugh.

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