Where is Stephen King?

scary ride home from Bangor, Maine last night. this is I-95
 Yesterday we expected it to snow all day.
In fact, we expected it to snow through today.
So what did we do?
Mark decided we needed to go two hours away –
to Bangor, Maine.
snowmobilers at Grammy's Country Inn, Linneus, Maine
 We started the morning off at our local diner.
Grammy’s Country Inn is just a short drive from our house.
The food is great!
Yesterday they were fairly busy with snowmobilers.
(Is that how I spell that?)
Mark loves to admire the sleds.
And my scrambled eggs were probably the best I’ve eaten there so far.
Thank you, Devin Dow!
our log home slowly getting buried in snow in Maine
 Then Mark decided he wanted to see a movie.
In Bangor.
So we went back by the house to let the dogs outside.
our log home slowly getting buried in snow in Maine
The snow around the house is getting so deep.
A lot of this is actually from the roofs clearing themselves
of the snow. It slides off those metal roofs pretty well.
On the end of the porch on the left side of this photo –
the snow is deeper than the porch itself,
so we can’t even clear that end any longer.
crossing over an iced and snow covered rive in Haynesville, Maine
Then we headed out.
The town of Haynesville is just down the road from us.
In this photo we were driving over the river.
You can see the snow piled up by the snowplows 
at the very bottom of the photo.
The guardrail is totally buried.
Then out between those two rows of trees
is a river – covered in ice and now snow on top.
In the spring when the snows start melting,
the water will extend out past all those trees.
snow covered roads between Haynesville and Lincoln, Maine
 Steady snowing and the roads were not clear.
Some places were better than others.
snowed under picnic area in Maine
 This little picnic area is between Haynesville and
Lincoln. Beneath that sign you can see the tops
of two covered picnic tables. I love how the
sign lined up with the tables as Mark was
driving down the highway and I 
was shooting out the passenger window!
Obviously the picnic area was closed.
big barn located in Lincoln, Maine, surrounded by piles of snow
In case you didn’t already know –
I like taking photos of barns in the snow.
White and red barns normally – they look super against the snow.
I had never taken a photo of this barn in Lincoln, Maine.
All these snow photos were taken from the car while Mark was driving. 
That is a wall of snow between us and the barn. 
The house to the side of the barn had a plowed driveway for access.
I-95 in northern Maine, covered in snow and ice, only one lane partially cleared
And finally we were on I-95.
One lane clear – mostly because of the other cars
that drove before us.
We passed 4 snow plow trucks.
All sitting in the median cut throughs.
Talking to each other.
None of them actually plowing.
I-95 in northern Maine, covered in snow and ice, only one lane partially cleared
That speed limit sign made my day.
We were doing maybe 55-60 at that point.
And we got passed (and buried) by a semi.
crossing the Penobscot River in Maine, covered in snow and ice
 The Penobscot River.
It’s a beautiful river.
I got lucky with this photo!
Taken through the passenger window –
with my phone –
while Mark was doing about 55.
And those birds all just happened to be there.
(The piled up snow is from the snowplow.)
movie poster for Maze Runner Death Cure found on google
 I don’t know how we did it,
but we got there in time to make our movie.
This was our second time seeing it.
I love the whole Maze Runner series.
Mark wanted to see the movie again.
Tangle Starts and Tangle Starts Planner spiral bound - yay!!!
Some of you know the issues I have had trying to get
my Tangle Starts Planner spiral bound.
This is my second copy, the first having been destroyed.
By a place I won’t name but they go by
Aroostook Printing and they are located
in Houlton. Not happy with them.
Since we were headed to Bangor,
I grabbed both my books while Mark took care of the
dogs in the morning, and after the movie we took them
to Staples where the very nice and knowledgable young man 
successfully spiral bound both.
Without destroying them.
So it can be done.
(Shameless promotion of my books right here!
scary ride home from Bangor, Maine last night. this is I-95. cue The Twilight Zone
I didn’t take a photo, but we ate dinner at
Chili’s. Caribbean Salad is our favorite.
And fried pickles. Yum.
Then headed home in this. Ugh.
This was I-95 where you would think someone would
have plowed the roads or put down dirt for traction or salted.  
Remember those snow plow trucks we saw sitting in the median?
I am guessing that’s what they did with their day.
Roughly 120 miles of this.
In the dark.
Did I mention we saw 6 or 7 deer and a moose earlier in the day?
You don’t want to see those at night,
in these circumstances.
We know this from experience.
But we did finally make it home.
Thank you, Lord, for your guiding hand.
Not even kidding.
Kind of a scary ride.
And –
does that or does that not look like a frame
out of a Stephen King movie?

4 thoughts on “Where is Stephen King?

  1. I enjoyed reading about your day and love the pictures. All that snow brings back memories of living in the north. Thanks for giving me a smile today, Alice! Terri, CZT 16

  2. Glad you made it home OK without any deer or moose encounters. Sounds like rather an adventurous day all in all. Great to hear you got the spiral binding sorted out to your satisfaction. Photos whilst moving aren't easy & these look brilliant, I'd not have known if you'd not said. Lovely way to document your day & I'm certainly more aware of what it's like for you in Maine.

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