How Many is Too Many?

how much washi tape is enough? hahahaha!
 OK, I may a have a problem.
Are there interventions for washi tape-aholics?
A few nights ago I decided I needed more washi tape.
(I guess around 100 rolls is not enough.)
I soon found out that there are 118 pages of 
Japanese washi tape on
I was amazed and impressed!
So I ordered a couple.
What you can not tell from the photo above is
that all of those boxes are at least two deep.
What a great deal I got!
And they arrived in two days!
Japanese washi tape page in my art journal
 Yes, I already had bunches of washi tape.
They aren’t expensive so it’s easy to gather a lot.
Japanese washi tape is soooooo cute!
I couldn’t decide what to do with it all,
so I pulled out a journal and started putting
samples on the pages.
Page one above. 
I love, love, love the donut tape!
And the Hello Kitty tape!
And the rhinos in pink sweaters tape!
Japanese washi tape page in my art journal
 Some of these rolls were wider. 
Top, middle and bottom are my favorites here. 
Wish the colors had photographed better.
Japanese washi tape page in my art journal
 Just look at those fairy tale castles on the bottom!
Love it!!!
I am having a bit of a problem with the tape adhering
on the ends. I don’t know if it is because they were
subjected to freezing cold on the way here or not.
So I took a longer piece of tape and ran it down the binding of the book.
The ones on the long side edge – if I could I wrapped
the tape around to the back of the page.
Couldn’t do that on every page.
And I had exactly three pages of tape <3 .
My plan is to use these tapes in my 
Once I start over.
I took my planner to the local print shop earlier today
to have the spine cut off and a spiral binding added.
They texted me photos of a completely messed up
planner that is unusable. 
I will have to start all over again.
I am hoping the watercolor pages I did can be
glued into a new book.
Not happy.
At all. 
washi tape empty boxes for collage work
See all those little boxes?
That is how the washi tape came to me.
I spent part of this afternoon cutting pieces of each
box to keep and use on art journal pages in the future.
I don’t waste a thing!
Can you see Zen in the back partially buried
under washi tape boxes?
Good thing he has a good sense of humor!
Washi tape.
It’s where it’s at. 
Today at least. 
And my post title?
One can never have too many.
That is how many is too many.
It isn’t.

7 thoughts on “How Many is Too Many?

  1. Oh my, Zen looks like he's throwing is front fore legs up in amazement & wonder. I expect Aurora helped whilst you were cutting the little boxes up, mind you she probably preferred the big carton to play inside?? Your post had me smiling…… memories of sorting gems prior to moving & eventually they all had to go……

    • I am sorry your gems all had to go, I k now you would enjoy sorting through them now. sometimes that is all it takes – just to look and enjoy, not necessarily making anything with them.

  2. I love these! And, I love that you just created pages out of some of the washi tape. I'm going to have to go check these out on Amazon 🙂

  3. No, not smiling about your WASHI TAPE ADDICTION, I am laughing out loud!!! Join the rest of us with our ZENTANGLE, pens, paper, watercolors, dip pens, markers, gel pens, colored pencils,oils, more PAPER, more INKS, beads, crochet yarn, books to read, and did I add NEW TANGLES by the hundreds on a daily basis?!!!???? But they were lovely and can see how you lost control!!!! ENJOY.

    • Hahahaha! Yep! I’ve got all those, too! I actually referred to my washi tape pages today when I was working on my planner. Worked great ?

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