Gelli Pulls at Jump and a Surprise

image created by 2 separate gelli plate pulls, brayer over the top of 2 stencils.
 Last month I attended an art class in Massachusetts – 
Jump Into January!
The above image came about while we were playing
with gelli plates, making various pulls with several color layers.
On my plate I had several layers of greens, blues, and yellows.
I placed a stencil of the face (Stencil Girl product) on top of the rolled colors, placed a sheet of paper on top of the stencil, and brayered back and forth several times. 
I lifted the page and had this great print of the girl’s face.
Once that was dry, I rolled out a layer of magenta right on top of the remaining color on the plate.
I placed a starburst stencil near the top of the plate, 
then placed the paper with the girl’s face – 
face down so the starburst would be near the top of her head. 
I brayered over just the top section.
When I lifted the paper from the gelli plate,
the image you see above is what I got. 
I have no idea what I will do with it.
Other than admire it.
paper towel image created by baby wiping clean 2 stencils following gelli plate pull
I thought that was pretty cool!
But I needed to clean up the stencils in case someone else in the class wanted to use them.
I used a baby wipe to clean the girl’s face stencil on top of a paper towel. 
I didn’t expect this to happen –
but –
when I removed the nice clean stencil,
I had this face on the paper towel.
Never one to waste an opportunity, I repeated the
cleaning process with the starburst stencil. 
I really like the paper towel art I got!
So much that I brought it home,
trimmed the edges and put it in a journal.
Love it!
Now I just need to make some more.
I must have stencils to clean somewhere!

2 thoughts on “Gelli Pulls at Jump and a Surprise

  1. Oh you made me chuckle – just goes to prove there are very happy accidents when it comes to artwork. Looks like you had great fun with your course: I'm glad you managed to go despite the weather.

    • yes, this was right on the tail of a big storm so I was glad I got there at all. we did have a fun time. hopefully I can go again next year 🙂 and it's storming again. haha! at least I'm home

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