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cover of the Tangle Starts Planner, a way to tangle through the year - my book
 Please allow me to shamelessly promote my books.
Specifically the 
This book is available on Amazon all around the world
and it is being really well received!
You can combine planning, organizing, bullet journaling, 
and tangling all in one location.
I set many of the pages up with a dot grid so you could
easily arrange your monthly and weekly pages
the way YOU want them to be!
If you would like to learn more about the inside of the book – 
go here
To purchase, click here
spiral bound copies of my two newest books Tangle Starts Planner and Tangle Starts
 This past weekend, Mark and I drove into Bangor 
during a huge snow storm – 
what in the world were we thinking??? – 
and while we were there I took my books to the local Staples 
store and had them spiral bound. 
That is not a function my publisher offers and 
I am finding I really like having them spiral bound!
collections page example inside my book Tangle Starts Planner
 Bullet journaling is all new to me,
so I am learning as I go. 
This particular set of pages I set up for what they call 
This is a place where you store bits of notes,
lists of things you want to be able to find later,
important information,
things you want to keep track of.
Here are four examples of the way I am using the
collections area. 
I am already working on a new planner for next year,
trying to keep my notes all in one place for
things to remember to make the next one
even better!
collections page example inside my book Tangle Starts Planner
 Quotes are going to be an important part of every
book I put together, so I figured I needed a place to store them.
I have many more than this in another book – 
I need to relocate them all to this one location.
collections page example inside my book Tangle Starts Planner
 Being an artangleologist means always coming up with 
new tangle patterns. 
After a while it gets a bit confusing –
what has been published v. what hasn’t.
So a new collection was started for that.
(That little pig was torn out of a Coldwater Creek magazine!)
collections page example inside my book Tangle Starts Planner
Occasionally I get asked for my ‘numbers.’
And I never have them available when someone asks,
so I set up a collections page to track my numbers
every month. Easy peasy! 
I am an Artist Ambassador for 
which means I use a lot of their product!
Everything you see drawn or written in all my
books has been done with a Zebra product. 
I particularly love their Sarasa Gel Retractable pens
for working in my planner!
They come in 14 colors and lay down nice and smooth,
never a skip or a blob or a mess.
I just love them!
My favorites are the purple (I have used mine all up and ordered more,) pink and blue!
You can never go wrong with a Zebra pen!
cover of my color book Tangle Starts - all ready for you to add your tangles to
That’s collections in a nut shell!
And since I’m ‘shamelessly’ promoting one book,
why not do likewise with the other?
Here is my 
 book available on Amazon. 
It features full color pages that you can tangle on 
and create a tangle journal, 
or you can use them as bases for an art journal page 
and make this an art journal,
or you can tear the pages out and use them for collage work.
All the color has already been done for you!
You can purchase it here
I know so many of you have already supported me
by purchasing my books and I thank you so much!
You guys are the best!

4 thoughts on “Collections Pages in My Planner #zebrapen

  1. My planner arrived after an afternoon of serving customers & sorting out spreadsheets for subscriptions, I already had an evening of entertainment with my husband planned, but when I went to bed with the Planner there was an amused glance in my direction as I devoured the details until I just had to go to sleep. Woke at half past one & went through some more. Walking to the recycling dump this morning, what was I thinking? How to work with my monthly pages as I already have a filofax that organises daily tasks……….. but what about monthly lists of things to be thankful for day by day?? Going to try to find somewhere that will bind it spirally for me. All the dotted pages are wonderful & it's such a lovely flexible journal – both in terms of how to use it & in the feel of the object itself – it feels nice. One of the things I love is that it's well written too, with proper punctuation & spelling!! Something that matters to me when reading or working with a book, whether planner, novel or reference book.

    • thank you so much! I'm glad you like the planner. when I was building it, my vision kept changing. and I have new ideas for next year, too. can't wait to see what you do with it!

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