5 Petals, New Tangle from the Tangle Starts Planner

tangle patterns 5 Petals from Alice Hendon, Tangle Starts Planner
I was looking for something fun to post today
and I thought –
why not post a new tangle pattern from 
my book the
5 Petals is super easy to draw.
You can fill that center in anyway you wish,
sometimes I use Printemps instead of tipple.
I just think tipple looks good with the little
stamen and seedpods that come out from the center.
The pattern relies on echoing lines,
fanning out from the petals. 
Typically I use 5 petals (hence the name)
but you could really do this with however
many petals you like.
Have fun!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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