Zebra Highlighters and Yupo Paper #zebrapen

beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 This was a fun experiment I have been wanting to try.
Zebra Pen has these wonderful Eco Highlighters called Zebrites that really have some beautiful color. I am using them in my bullet journal because they don’t bleed through the pages. I had been wondering how they would work on Yupo paper.
In case you aren’t familiar with Yupo – it is a plastic, non-porous paper and the color does not absorb into it, rather it sits on top.
watercolor effect using Zebra highlighters on yupo paper
 Awhile back I received some ATC sized Yupo paper samples in my Art Snacks box, so I pulled that pad out. To that I added three of the Eco Zebrite highlighters and a water brush filled with water.
I squiggled down some bits of color here and there in a totally random fashion, then moved them around with the water brush. 
What you see above is the result I got with that technique.
The colors bled into each other in some places, and in other places the color moved completely around the color it came in contact with – causing those circles of blue and green.
beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 I loved how that worked and was encouraged with the results, so I moved on to some Zebra Mildliners I have.  
beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 This time I selected five colors and started randomly laying down swatches. Instead of pushing color around with the water brush – I squeezed the barrel causing drops of water to fall onto the yupo paper. A little tilt of the paper here and there caused the color to flow and appear as you see it above.
Wet things on Yupo take awhile to dry – unless you use a heat gun, but that is a whole other experiment – so I left the two ATCs on my desktop to dry overnight.
watercolor effect using Zebra highlighters on yupo paper
 This is how they look when dry.
The colors are not as vibrant and they continued to mingle a bit, but I still really love the results!
The first one (highlighter) didn’t change that much other than color brightness, but the second one (mildliner) changed a lot!
I think next I will play with a heat gun and maybe some alcohol. Although probably not both at the same time. Hahaha!
These highlighters and mildliners are available at Zebra Pen – just click here
Have some fun! I’d love to see how it turns out for you!

2 thoughts on “Zebra Highlighters and Yupo Paper #zebrapen

    • When I tried drawing on these tiles, my pens kept getting clogged up. Tried various pens. None of them worked well. Guess I will just have to enjoy the pretty colors.

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