Jump Into January Workshop Part 1

Jump Into January, 2018 workshop session - students and the instructor #tracylake #jumpintojanuary
 I have been out of town for the past several days to 
attend a workshop called 
Jump Into January!
The workshop is hosted and taught by Elaine Huffman. 
Our first class was taught by Tracy Lake – 
that’s her above showing us what to do.
(That is Elaine to my left with the white apron.) 
round shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 My first attempt was with circles.
I really love the contrast you get by placing the round 
white sections against the black backdrop.
Really fun project and I love how it turned out!
diamond shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 Not really feeling the diamonds, which is why
I included part of a star in a couple places.
heart shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 These hearts I really love!
We used various mark making techniques,
I bet you can recognize one for sure!
Not really going to explain these steps
since they were part of a paid workshop.
star shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
And I was happy with the way the stars worked!
galaxy shape on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
In fact, this project was enjoyable enough that I made a two page spread in the art journal I took with me. I will probably add more to these when I have time, but for now I am calling them done. 
Great workshop held in Massachusetts!
More photos of art tomorrow. 
I’d love to hear your comments and ideas. 

2 thoughts on “Jump Into January Workshop Part 1

  1. Interesting seeing how the black background really makes the shapes jump off the page when you embellish them with white – took me a few seconds to work it out but I love the alphabet bordering – striking & giving such variation whilst essentially just adding the same thing over & over.

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