Tangling on Black

This is one of a very few art pieces I have posted without 
some type of editing. 
Totally unedited, all I did was crop the photo.
Haven’t touched up boo-boos, or edited the color.
I have been watching this new-to-me Facebook page 
from a business called Born to Sketch
Their products are interesting and fun to look at.
Recently I received their BTS Treasure Pencil Case
in the mail and I just love it!
I went to the Born to Sketch website and ordered a 
black sketchbook and a set of BTS 10 Color 
Set of Metallic Brush Pens.
They arrived a couple days ago, so I just had to
give them a try out. 
This is my first page in the book. 
(The tangle pattern is one of my own called Conk.)
I will do a review on the book soon enough, 
I just want to try some more art on the pages first.
These pens are pretty amazing! 
They were recommended to work with the black journal
and they did the job wonderfully.
More art for each and a review I will do.
Thinking ahead to the new Star Wars movie.

4 thoughts on “Tangling on Black

  1. Conk is a delightful tangle & so effective with your use of these pens. The dots technique really bring the whole design to life & it's hard to credit that a few gel pens plus black paper are all that you've used……… Can see you're enjoying playing with these.

    • I am for sure! this is a cool set of pens. I'm hoping to maybe be able to be a representative for them. once I get my nerve up to ask 🙂

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