No Book For Now, Insert Crying Face

For the past three weeks I have been working
from morning to night, trying to put a new book together.
Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that I am not
going to be able to do it. 
I have made two complete sets of art for this book.
When I made the first set, I didn’t realize I needed
to make the art the approximate size of the
completed book page,
and since much of it was smaller, I had to start all over again.
 Originally I had 127 pages of beautiful art like
you see here. I was able to salvage 36 pieces of it.
All the rest had to be remade in a larger format.
So I remade art, rescanned all the pieces, edited
them to clean them up and popped them into
the book. Just to find out the files were too big.

So I started over again with resizing images.
All in all I’ve done this either 5 or 6 times now.
I have lost track.
And I have lost all hope of ever getting this
particular book put together enough to be able
to meet the requirements for Create Space.
That’s the program we use to be able to sell the books
Apparently they are more text friendly as opposed
to color friendly.
Three weeks when I should have been doing other things.
Really big-time discouraged.
So for now, just enjoy these three pages.
The top two are alcohol ink.
The bottom is a mixed media page with lots of products used.
Actually, when I think about it,
I now have enough pieces of art to make blog posts
for the next 120ish days.
Give or take a day or two.

9 thoughts on “No Book For Now, Insert Crying Face

    • thanks, sandy, I thought this would work and we tried so hard to make it. apparently the program we use for our books doesn't allow for many MB of color. just couldn't do it. eventually I will pick the other book back up and try to do something with it. all black and white so hopefully it will be easier. huge learning curve for me.

  1. Oh Alice, I'm so sorry to hear that. It's so frustrating when what's in your head just cannot be worked out. It's too bad you can't just send the pieces of art to a binders and have them printed and bound. I know they do stuff for baby pictures etc, keepsakes. I wish I knew of a program that would help but I have never worked to create a book. I'll keep my ear to the ground and if I see or hear of anything that I think could help I'll jump over here and see if you've heard of it. I wish I had a magical fix my friend. Maybe a solution will appear when you least expect it. Have you ever thought of just going to a publisher? I've heard of a few who put out books of art. Even if they'd take a lot of the profit, at least it'd be published. Get one out there and maybe the next will be easier?? Oh, before I forget… my new blog is now live on my new wordpress site ( and I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow (Sunday). The giveaway will include a DIY Altoids tin with magnetic half pans, pencil & eraser, Hahnemuhle Grey Book toned paper sketchbook, Micron sigma pens, a Grumbacher watercolor brush and a bee magnet! COme on over and enter I'll cross my fingers that you WIN, maybe I can add a smile to your face for a little while. Damn, I wish I had a genie to rub, I know just what I'd ask for… how to publish an art book!

  2. Nothing is ever wasted – especially experience; you've learnt an awful lot in the process & someday you'll look back & find you're using an aspect of your work to achieve something else…….. not just the blog posts which aren't actually 'just' either. You give a lot of inspiration & encourage many brightening their day with your artwork, photographs & writing.

  3. Not sure if this is a do over comment or not..last one disappeared I know you are disappointed in not getting the book done. You can "hear" it in your voice. It will happen and your time is never wasted with the art you do. I save all your posts in folders. And I want to thank you for bringing color into my life especially on the days when there is so little You will figure it out Elaine

  4. Oh, Alice. My heart hurts for you. Maybe you could send out some feelers to agents? You've created such a large body of work–surely there is a perfect publisher out there who has all the resources to put the book together. Especially because you have an established track record. You're already set up with a platform, a reputation, and a following.

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