Getting Sketchy!

 The past couple weeks have been kind of hard for me to get my Getting Sketchy posts made.
I’ve been working so hard on a project.
So hopeful.
So disappointed. Over and over again.
I was able to work on a couple things this week,
despite my otherwise unsuccessful work. 
This tangle membranart is a skillful stroke of genius by Tomas Padros. I love it!
Please excuse my sloppy shading. Ugh. 
 I continued to work on this mandala. 
One day it will be completed.
Perhaps. Double ugh.
 These little Kawaii drawings have been a life saver for me. Artwise. 
They are so much fun to draw! 
So much personality is possible.
I purchased a book on Amazon – 
Kawaii Doodle Class by Zainab Khan.
I am working through the book page by page.
Love these little drawings! I have a special little
journal just for this purpose. They make me smile.
Haha! And that is my Getting Sketchy for this week!
Should you decide that Getting Sketchy might be something 
you would be interested in,
come on over to Zentangle All Around.
Each Saturday we post what we worked on that week.
Warts, successes and all. 
That way we can learn
from other people’s mistakes and 
not have to make all of them ourself. 
That was my mind set behind it all. 
And it seems to be working.

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