More INKtober #hahnemuhle

 Wow! I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted my
INKtober art pieces for a few days.
The tangle prompt for the one above was Punzel.
It’s a nice, pretty tangle that
can be quite a challenge to make happen!
I mixed it with Diva Dance and All Boxed Up!
This was drawn in my Stillman & Birn
Zeta Series Sketchbook
using Sarasa Fineliner pens from Zebra Pens.
 My go-tos lately are the tiles from
Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art.
They are 3.5″ square and it’s amazing what
you can do with one.
I will be doing a review on these tiles soon.
I tangled with another go-to from Zebra Pens –
Sarasa Fineliner pens from their Zensations line.
This pattern is called 4Fun!
And it was exactly that.
I had no idea at the time how to shade it,
so no shading is what you get.
The pattern I picked for this day was tessell.
I should have looked harder before I picked.
Just kidding!
This was a really hard one to tangle.
Mirror images, tessellations.
My brain doesn’t work that way.
I practiced this in my Moleskine sketchbook.
This was the practice and that’s all you get.
I will probably never work on this one again
because it gave me a headache.
Hahahahaha! Not even joking.
I tangled this with – what else – my
Sarasa fineliners.
Glad I chose a fun fall-back-on tangle for today’s challenge.
This is called Dragonair.
My friend Norma Burnell designed this tangle.
She uses it in her fairy drawings,
such a fun versatile tangle that can be used
in so many ways!
I used another Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art tile,
and spread some of Tim Holtz’ Distress Inks
over it. They worked very well on this tile.
Then I tangled up a Kracken with my
Sarasa Fineliner pens.
So. Much. Fun!
It isn’t too late to get involved with Inktober.
Head on over to my Facebook group
and request to join. I’ll add you to the group
and you can meet some wonderful artists
and see some beautiful art!
Then I want you to add some art of your own.
No pressure.
No judgement.
I promise.

2 thoughts on “More INKtober #hahnemuhle

  1. 4Fun is intriguing when it comes to shading – shall ponder that, however I rather like your version without. Now Tessell is a wonderful tangle – just my kind of grid that morphs with the tangleations. Dragonair looks wonderful on the green.

    • Hahaha! I will never use tessell again. My brain isn’t wired that way. And dragonair is one of my favorites.

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