Keeping Up With INKtober #hahnemuhle

 I am so excited!
Today is the 13th of the month and I am still participating
in Inktober! This is the longest I’ve kept
up with it.
Each of these three pieces were created on a
In the above tile I used a Sarasa Fineliner from
Zebra PenZensations line –
for the tangling. The color pops came from
Lolliz Gel Pens. I love the great colors they have!
The tangle prompt for the day was rainbow bridge.
To that I added tear drop border.
So much fun!
Rainbow bridge has so many possibilities!
 Kandy Ribnz has always been a hard one for me to draw.
My hand gets going with the right pattern,
then kapow! it’s off to the wrong direction.
I have learned to draw this in pencil first,
then when I am close I can go to my pen.
I filled the middle sections with half of my
Drawn again with a Sarasa Fineliner,
the color is actually a Sarasa Mildliner.
A marker/highlighter kind of pen.
I love the bright colors they have!
This last one was yesterday’s prompt – waybop.
I added a circular border and put ripped screen in the middle.
Shading makes that whole center section stand out.
For shading on each of these tiles,
I used a Caran d’Ache HB pencil and a tort.
This pencil is my absolute favorite!
I actually recently ordered 8 more of them.
You can never have too many pencils!
At $1.35 each they are a steal for sure!
Haven’t gotten into INKtober yet?
There is still time!
In my Facebook group
we are working on a tangle prompt each day.
Come on over and check it out!
Look for the pinned post at the top of the page –
that’s where you find a list.
I look forward to meeting you.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With INKtober #hahnemuhle

  1. The Colourful Rainbow Bridge is so typically "Alice" it just makes me smile & I love the way you shaded Ripped Screen inside Waybop making the whole a zendala.

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