INKtober’ing Like a Champ! #hahnemuhle

 I am up to my eyeballs in book making
I am still keeping up with INKtober.
Just barely, but doing it.
The above art was created on a
Hahnemuhle You tile with a
Sarasa Fineliner from Zebra Pen‘s Zensations line.
The tangles are showgirl and emingle.
It’s a two-for-one tile! Hahaha!
That showgirl is a tangle that just keeps you
coming back for more and more.
So much fun !
Emingle? Not so much. hahaha!
The secret to emingle is to turn your tile with
every line you draw.
 Here is another Hahnemuhle tile.
These tiles are 3.5″ square, they accept ink great!
I am using them for 90% of my inktober artworks.
Again, I used the Sarasa – I am trying to use those
every day this month. Smooth, even lines and they
work superbly with the Hanhnemuhle tiles.
Above you see the tangle pattern vano.
I was able to just zone everything out and focus on
filling in all those lovely little sections.
Today’s tangle prompt is paradox.
This one requires a whole lot more attention
from me to work.
And I needed more space than the Hahnemuhle
tile provides, so I went with the 4.5″ Apprentice
Shading really brings paradox to life.
Nine more days in INKtober after today
and I am determined to finish strong!
Not involved yet?
Join us at Tangle All Around as we
tangle our way through the month.
Don’t worry about the first 2/3 of the month.
Just jump in with both feet now and
help us finish out the month.
You won’t be sorry.

3 thoughts on “INKtober’ing Like a Champ! #hahnemuhle

  1. Vano looks like Flying Geese in a circular grid & I love the off centre concentric circular grid you created for it. Your shading of Paradox is magical – minimalistic beauty. As for the first your Emingle dances with the shading – no wonder you paired it with Showgirl (well – the pun made me laugh!!)

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