INKtober Finale! #hahnemuhle

 The month is coming to a close and so is INKtober. 
So happy I was able to finish
the month with some fun pieces of art!
Every day this month I used a Sarasa Fineliner
pen from Zebra Pen to tangle the patterns.
I used a combination of Hahnemuhle You tiles,
a Stillman & Birn sketchbook and a Hahnemuhle sketchbook to draw the daily prompts in.
Above are a collection of quibinapod, b’twined, xyp, and henna drum.
This was tangled in the new Hahnemuhle Nostalgie Sketch Book. 
What a great book!
 I was in a hurry this particular day. I used my moleskine journal that I keep my favorite tangles in and added narwal
The prompt for the 28th. 
 Undling is an interesting tangle.
Unassuming, and simplistic looking, it can be
tangled so many different ways!
Here I used a Hahnemuhle You tile
that I spread some Tim Holtz’ Distress Oxide ink on.
 Y-ful power is always fun to draw!
And sometimes it turns out the way it is supposed to :).
For the last day of the month –
Halloween –
I chose the tangle called gutz.
Hahahaha! I thought it was appropriate.
Again, I used a Hahnemuhle You tile,
with more distress oxide ink. 
I used an assortment of Sarasa Fineliners in various colors to tangle.
INKtober was a challenge to keep up with,
but I am so glad I persevered. 
Now to try to keep tangling each day since
I am back in the habit.
Want to see some cool INKtober art?
Head over to Zentangle All Around and I will open
the door for you.
We have some amazing artists sharing their
INKtober renderings there.
You are certain to be inspired.

2 thoughts on “INKtober Finale! #hahnemuhle

  1. I think my favourite of these has to be Y-ful Power, plus the first one at the top – the background is stunning with the flowers lying over the top as if on a trellis in the garden. I've loved seeing your INKtober tangles – amazing you managed to keep up with all you have going on.

    • I actually thought about a trellis when i set up that drawing, so I’m glad you noticed ? inktober was a challenge I set for myself. This was the 3rd year I’ve tried it. I figured the group would keep me accountable. I’m glad we all persevered together. ❤️

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