Getting Sketchy and INKtober #hahnemuhle

 It is so hard to believe we are half way through
And what is even more amazing is the
fact that I am still keeping up!
Yesterday’s tangle prompt for INKtober
was lollywimple. This tangle was designed by
a dear friend of mine – Sandy Hunter. She is such an
amazing artist and designer.
I chose lollywimple as one of our daily prompts
just so I could play with it,
and share it with everyone in
I tangled lollywimple with a Sarasa Fineliner pen from
I used a 3.5″ square Hahnemuhle You tile.
I am trying to use these two supplies everyday
for INKtober.
Shading was with graphite and tort.
So. Much. Fun!
 The prompt on the 14th was Flying Geese.
What a fun tangle!
I chose to draw mine in a circle format.
If you look at the picture above, you will see
there are actually four concentric circles.
In each layer I drew the basic lines for
flying geese. In the center and third circles,
the pattern points outward.
In the second and fourth circles,
the pattern points inward.
The little black dots are my reminders for
which sections to blacken in with my Sarasa pen.
Then I filled in those sections with black,
shaded various parts,
and called it done.
I really like how this turned out.
When I posted it in
Zentangle All Around,
I had several people contact me and ask
how this was flying geese.
Their mind’s eye just couldn’t see it,
which is why I’m blogging the picture above it.
 Getting Sketchy has kind of taken a back seat for me
the past few weeks.
I am fast and furiously working on some new
book material. Hoping to put two new books
out on the market within the next couple weeks.
My son is helping me with one of the books,
and neither of us has done this completely by
ourselves before. So this might be interesting.
I have all these great ideas and I am trying to
figure out how to get them on a page in an
attractive format.
But . . .
I can offer you two pages of scribbled out,
scratched out notes and attempts
at some of the things you might see in book #2.
God willing.
In the interim, if you don’t have a regular place to
get tangling inspiration
you are looking for a place to jump on the
INKtober band wagon,
head on over to Facebook and search for
Knock on the door and I will let you in.
Hope to see you there!
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4 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy and INKtober #hahnemuhle

  1. I just loved that Flying Geese when I first saw it so thank you for showing the framework – it's amazing how such underlying structures can alter a pattern & make it look like something else completely. The whole subject of Fragments & Reticula is one I'm itching to explore. I keep seeing things in your Lollywhimple piece – the circular structure is so successful & seeing how you're being pretty linear/gridlike in your sketchbook for your book I can see you need some circular downtime amongst InkTober. All the best with those books.

    • thanks! it's hard trying to figure out how to do something I've never done before. but I'm working on it 🙂 thank you for your comments on my art – they always make my day!

  2. the first one you did is gorgeous! I hope that book is easy to finish and sell like gangbusters. It must be awesome to think your name will be on a book in Amazon. That's so cool. Author, author!! :o)

    • Thanks, jenn! So far it’s like a walk in the dark. No idea what I’m doing. Haha! But I will persevere. I have a book – Quark For Dummies – arriving tomorrow. ?

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