Birds of a Feather and INKtober


 Our art journal prompt in
this week is birds of a feather.
With any interpretation we want to put on it.
I immediately thought about the art of
Lori Vliegen, someone I have been watching
for many years now.
And I thought about those cute little
birds, and pigs, and bunnies she makes
and I wanted to give it a go.
 I started with this pre-made background in my journal.
When I play with my gelli plates
I keep a journal page opened close by so I
can brayer the leftover paint onto a useable surface
and not waste it.
That is how this page came about.
And due to its shimmer I know that I used
Pebeo Iridescent Acrylic Paint.
 I knew I wanted to keep the words
birds of a feather
from the prompt, so I wrote them as a border
The letters ‘zaa’ are a salute to my group
Kind of scary to actually do this writing,
I have never been a big fan of my handwriting.
Something just about every art journalist who
ever lived has said at one time or another.
Gosh, I just love those vibrant, bright colors!
Little blobs are the beginning of cute little birds.
Trust me on this.
And a little dirty, dusty ground is required for
those little birdie legs to stand on.
(Thank you, Lori.)
 I used the same Sarasa fineliner to draw around
each little blob, add some legs, some tail feathers
(shake your tail feathers, hehehehe!),
beaks, eyes, and wings.
It’s all good. And as simple as that I have some
Birds of a Feather.
Thanks for the super idea, Lori!
It’s INKtober all month.
This is the time of year we try to encourage each
other to put pen to paper each day.
Even if it’s only 5 minutes.
It doesn’t matter.
I used a Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art tile
and my Sarasa fineliner to tangle up some
CO2 by Antonine Megger
and some O by Adele Bruno.
You just really can’t beat that combo of
Sarasa on Hahnemuhle tile!
In my group
I have provided a prompt list for the entire month
of a different tangle pattern each day and where
to find the instructions online.
If you aren’t already INKtobering somewhere –
and even if you are –
you are welcome to come join us!
I would love to see what you are working on!
Come knock on the door
and I will let you in.
Pinky promise!

2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather and INKtober

  1. I love your lettered framing of the birds & how the corners fit, the way the black line sort of peters into the dusty dirt the birds are standing in. Lovely & characterful. I'm absolutely loving seeing all your INKtober submissions: you can tell I'm behind in commenting – the dimension of both Co2 & O is very effective & I like how well shaped & spaced they are.

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