Underwater World

So I’m coming across these pieces of art I drew
for a book I don’t believe will ever be published,
and I thought – “wow! blog art already done! √”
And here you go.
I started with the background which I made
with Twinkling H2Os, lots of water, and salt.
After it was totally dry, I scraped off the excess
salt and began tangling with a variety of pens.
Mostly a copic multiliner and a Sharpie fine point.
White highlights are courtesy of a gel pen,
a zenstone, and a white chalk pencil. 
Tangles I used are:
folie-form, mooka, quabog and gellin’.
In case you are new to my blog,
pink = link.
(Except for here.)

4 thoughts on “Underwater World

  1. Perfect,colorful and beautiful nit mention fantastic tangles.I love H2Os , hot a few but none this color Lynne joward

    • twinkling H2Os change depending on how wet they are. if you put in a few drops of water and wait about 15 minutes, then stir them with a brush or a toothpick – you will get the bits of mica that are near the bottom of the pot. they make the colors brighter, shinier, and shimmier "_ I remember Dion telling us they should like a rich goop – then they are ready 🙂

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