Our Week in Pictures

 With all the rain in Texas with Hurricane Harvey
and all the rain starting in Florida with Hurricane Irma,
our little paradise here in Maine wasn’t going
to be left out.
Enter stage right – rain, rain, and more rain.
Above photo was this morning in Houlton.
Our ‘real’ town.
So much fun doing the dump run in the rain.
 This one was a couple days ago –
probably following another dump run.
Heading towards Linneus where we actually live.
The skies do some crazy stuff here in Maine.
 Next door to our house is this potato field.
Large by some standards in the south,
but small when compared to many fields here.
I promise – there are some places where there
are potato fields or hay fields as far as the eye can see.
The farmers are seriously harvesting now.
Getting the potatoes out of the ground,
or rolling up roll after roll of hay.
Actually, I have no idea what the function of this
piece of equipment is, but potatoes started
showing up shortly afterwards. 
 Yesterday, I got a text from a neighbor saying it
was time for us to go pick up potatoes.
Once the field has been harvested,
the potatoes you see laying all around are just
left behind to rot.
So you get your buckets or bags and go pick potatoes.
They store for up to 6 months in cardboard
boxes in your basement.
They help carry many families up here through
the winter feeding their families. 
 This field was full of red potatoes.
Used to be Jason’s favorite for mashed 
potatoes, so the Frankles played farmer
and picked potatoes for her daddy. 
Look at this photo and the one before,
those red round lumps just laying on the
ground, or peeping through the plants 
left behind – those are the potatoes.
In about 15 minutes we were able to fill two
shipping boxes full of potatoes,
which we then stored in the basement. 
You can’t argue that I’m not a Mainer now. 
Have a great week!

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    • we are trying. thanks for leaving a comment. I'm going to check Facebook right now and see if you are online 🙂

  1. Thanks for the great photos and, how wonderful of your Neighbors. Kids love doing things like that, such a precious picture. Bet your looking up all your potato recipes:).

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