Bubble Love Meets Narwal


 Here is another fun piece of art! I loved creating this! It features the tangles: narwal (one of my all time favorites,) bubble love, zinger, fescue and printemps.  I began by tangling the art on a sheet of ivory Stonehenge 8″ x 8″, 90 lb. weight.  I wanted to be able to show this piece in shaded format… Continue Reading

Underwater World


So I’m coming across these pieces of art I drew for a book I don’t believe will ever be published, and I thought – “wow! blog art already done! √” And here you go. I started with the background which I made with Twinkling H2Os, lots of water, and salt. After it was totally dry, I scraped… Continue Reading

Tangling an Opus


This one was fun! Zentangle® HQ makes a 10.5″ tile they call the Opus. This is it.  The other side is blank and is the side most people choose to tangle on. Not me, I opted for the back side with the Zentangle logo and Maria’s beautiful hand lettering around the outer edge. To begin,… Continue Reading

Here’s To a Great Artsy Week!


Zentangle and the art of tangling is just the best thing ever! When your life is crazy like mine has been recently, when you need to just step back and take a breather – tangling helps you relax and feel focused as you tune out the rest of the world. Tangling has been used: to improve… Continue Reading

New Dragon from Mystic Reflections


 Check out this sweet little guy! A friend sent me a link to an Etsy shop for Mystic Reflections and in her shop I found this dragon that I just had to have! Cause – dragon!  He doesn’t have a name yet.  This dapper little fellow is about 2 1/2 inches tall.  What should I name him?… Continue Reading

Mandala #2


I really like the smoothness of the paper in this Koala Tools’ Circular Grid Sketchbook. So much fun to work on at night while watching Supergirl. For the second time through. Waiting for the release of season 3. Hahaha!

Koala Tools Circular Grid Sketchbook


So I saw this new book on sale at the Dick Blick site, and thought why not try it out! The book comes with 60 pages of pre-drawn circles for mandala art.  Even though the ad says 60 pages, 120 surfaces – it really only has 30 sheets. I counted it. Twice. 30 sheets of paper… Continue Reading

Our Week in Pictures


 With all the rain in Texas with Hurricane Harvey and all the rain starting in Florida with Hurricane Irma, our little paradise here in Maine wasn’t going to be left out. Enter stage right – rain, rain, and more rain. Above photo was this morning in Houlton. Our ‘real’ town. So much fun doing the dump… Continue Reading

Tear Drops


I have so very little time for art right now. I worked on this little 5″ x 4″ piece over the course of three days. A little at a time. I just started drawing tear drops until they filled the paper. I used Lolliz gel pens to add the color to the tear drops, then I… Continue Reading