Cool Find Yesterday

 Yesterday we were out driving, looking for some
waterfalls that we never found.
But we did find this awesome thing hanging
in a tree. It was about the size of a basketball,
head level if we had been walking.
I’ve never seen one of these before.
The best we could guess is it’s a wasp nest –
 They had a body that very much resembled an ant.
An ant with wings. And they were flying in and
out of those holes. Like a bug condo.
Pretty awesome!
From a distance.
 The day was fairly overcast so please excuse
the low light in the photos.
This is part of the road we were on looking for
the waterfall.
Then it quickly lapsed into awfulness that was
all but impossible to maneuver. 
And required some work done on my car later that
day. Not a happy camper.
 I am guessing there was no wind,
because the long line of turbines – 18 in all –
not a single one of them were turning. 
We did enjoy a nice ride,
for the most part,
until the car damage.

4 thoughts on “Cool Find Yesterday

  1. Suspect your insects were Yellow Jackets – good job you kept a safe distance. (could be bald face hornets, in which case I'm VERY glad you didn't get close). Pity about the car damage but have to admit the road with all the trees & orange flowers is very pretty).

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