Lupins in Maine

I had never seen these flowers before we moved
to Maine last year.
 They grow wild everywhere here.
 As you ride through the countryside,
you will see pink, purple, blue.
Growing in wild abandon in fields,
in the woods, in yards. Everywhere.
 We got some seed last year and planted them
around the dragon hollow.
They take a full 365 days to germinate.
Not a single one grew.
 So, this year we planted seeds in the flower garden.
Direct sunlight.
We will see if that works.
 In the interim, this patch popped up at the edge
of our yard – where the wild raspberries line the
woods line. They had so many bees visiting today.
I think these are my favorite flower I’ve found up here.
Of course, I may have already said that about other ones.
Like the Stinking Benjamins.
Or the goldenrods that are just starting to bloom.
Seriously. There is just sooooo much to love here
in Maine.

2 thoughts on “Lupins in Maine

  1. Great to hear you enjoying your home in Maine – amazing what a variety of flowers just 'pop' up in wild places, the plants are funny like that: grow where you least expect & refuse to where you want them! We've cleared our garden & I'm feeding the ground to plant things for the autumn.

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