Getting Sketchy for this Week

 This week for Getting Sketchy,
I worked on Fantasy Landscapes which were presented
by Sandra Strait in the Facebook group
Zentangle All Around.
Here is a link to Sandra’s challenge for us.
 Sandra had a whole set of patterns for landscaping
based on circles, squares and triangles.
Those are what I chose to Get Sketchy with this week.
 It came to me that these look a lot like Dr. Seuss
drawings, so I went with that theme.
 I think the triangle patterns were my favorite!
 Especially that cute little kitten bush!

And these awesome sheep!

(Hers look better than mine!)

To see what I tangled up with all my favorite patterns,

see my post just before this one.

You never know what we are going to be doing in

Tangle All Around!

4 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy for this Week

  1. The Bunny Plant is my favourite – top page 3rd from right, every time I look I see a rabbit tail with two hind feet & a couple of ears; he's got a flower stalk he's jumping about with which is bigger than he is. Your sheep just makes me laugh – she's such fun with immense character.

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